Scrappy Doo has calmed down, curled back up in a ball is softly growling in his cave (otherwise known as his bed). He builds up the pillows around his head so when I open the shades in the morning (as I do), he is protected from the evil sunlight. We off to Melbourne in the morning, business meetings and he can tag along.

Scrappy says the darnest things. From the gay event the other night he noted how silly the gays are proclaiming they “looking for a relationship” and yet everyone in the room had the soft glow of Grindr on their phone. How is it possible to have a half naked photo of yourself out on the public Internet with your vital signs (top or bottom) and of course safe sex only AND at the same time looking for Mr. Right?

I’m not sure I would want to date anyone who is on Grindr. Yet the gay community has perhaps deemed this as socially acceptable. I’m looking for Mr. Right but Mr. Right Now is OK as well. Do you think Mr. Right is to be found on Grindr?

No doubt the homos will get all up in arms about this, that and the other. But my advice to any newbie, don’t follow their rules because they don’t have any rules or they have too many rules. Set your own rules, get little cards printed, stop the games and recognize you’re usually playing one yourself. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself writing a never ending blog about “woe is me”.

Scrappy is quite comfortable in the gay community. I am not. I don’t belong there. But he’s realized that his previous boyfriends have been like me, outside of ¬†wacky orbit of gay antics. So yes, I have all the gay drama I want in Scrappy Doo. I just shove him in the basket and off we ride.