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All quiet on the eastern front

Image347 Drama threat is YELLOW. So it's safe for me to be moving about. A blissful day riding bikes, looking at the Nazi demonstrators and the 4000 police, water cannons, Hummers, helicopters circling overhead and all sorts of technology the authorities have brought to keep this undesirable element under control. Signs in many bars saying they won't serve any of the Nazi members. The gay bars even have cute little coasters saying they're not serving pro-Nazi members.

I told TC it was best to keep me away from gay venues. I can ooogle what I want anywhere and putting an old fox like me in the henhouse probably isn't a good idea. I'm married and have a boyfriend, right? Enough said.

But tonight is College Club night, now you can't honestly expect me to miss that. Beers are only 1 EURO. It's only once a month and it's tonight (did I say that). I can ride my bike there too, so "convenient location" factors in. TC is yelling from the bathroom that I'm a total hypocrite. Oh well.

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  1. Chris:
    Well, perhaps not a TOTAL hypocrite. Who of us is totally anything?
    Hang in there. Hypocrisy and finger-pointing both seem to weigh about as much as each other, if you ask me.
    But then, no one did.
    Remember what’s important…

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