All gay’d up and nowhere to go

I broke down and got an Iphone 4S. Black, if you must. Since then I’ve been busy loading little apps and being impressed and showing my new toy off to everyone within ear shot. I’ve gone totally homo now. I even made a neat Angry Bird ringtone just to show I’ve still some geek left.

The reality though I bought the iPhone more to own a piece of history. I am wading through the Steve Jobs biography and for all his many faults, shit got done, shit that matter, shit that changed a lot of people’s lives. I’m so hyped up, I’ve embarked on reading the various Zen books quoted in the biography. Apple will never be the same and I wanted the last product he touched.  Simple as that.

Scrappy has been busy in Hong Kong sniffing around. He found some little old woman between 3 and 400 years old, sitting on the side of the road selling green onions and cilantro. He was taken by this and bought some and then proceeded to send me a photo of them. There he was on a busy street, him with no Chinese and the little old lady with no English but still communicating. Speaks to how Scrappy operates. He sees things from a different light.

The combination of the Steve Jobs biography and Scrappy has indeed gotten me to see things in a different light.

I’m back to my old model, work and adventures with Scrappy. He growls if my eyes linger on some Asian chew toy for more than a a few seconds. But for the most part, we’ve resumed our normal course.

Scrappy was yapping about one of his best friends, gay guy he’s known forever, cute, bubbly and someone I’m not allowed to meet. Scrappy figured out how his friend had no issue getting fresh guys, would fall in love with them, but as soon as they fell in love with him, he would immediately start a process of getting rid of them citing some vague issue. We both seen this behavior before, searching for a non-existent person.

There is always something we’d like different. I have a long list of things I’d want Scrappy to do (like keep the socks organized), but people aren’t a product or a service which you can easily change. I’m not saying I’m settling, just in the scheme of things my main deal points have been covered.

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