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Image305 My kids are enroute to see me on the high speed train from Munich to Cologne. They’re traveling by themselves for the first time. I’m sure they’re trying to be serious about this adventure. My wife took them to the station yesterday for an advance preview. The long ICE train spans the entire length of the platform. They climbed aboard the sleak white cars and quickly explored the seats and bathrooms. Ah .. to be a kid again.

Fathers always get hero status if they make even a minimal effort. “My dad this, my dad that.” No one will ever love you like your children. Kids are totally dependent on you and they’re comfortable with it, it’s called trust. In the midst of worrying about me, I’m probably overdue to worry about them.

In the land of gay, there is only you and you alone, perhaps a partner enters the scene, but you never really cement the relationship because, well, there’s no cement, meaning kids, and the creation of family. An that f*cking poodle you dress up with a bow doesn’t count either! It’s far to easy to continually examine your bellybutton an muse about your “issues”. STFU and get on with your life, let me be the first to tell you I’m tired of hearing about it.

Tiger Cub is in New York and BETTER NOT be whoring it up (that’s my job). My warm little pup calling to check in, he’s told his parents he’s returning to Germany on the 11th. He’ll be totally dependent on me until he lands a job and even then reliant on me to support him. I feel his love is geniune. Prof. Tim sniffed around Chris in Chicago and pronounced him a “keeper”. No doubt this story will have more twists, the screen play only a draft.

I’ve been having an entire emo boy problem of late, bear with me, this will pass (sadly).


  1. You’re right. It makes me sad. Gay…alone…no kids…one long and lonely ride. You have the best of both worlds.

  2. So just a question….does TC do the eye make up thing?

  3. How could you even suggest that your TC is whoring in NY? LOL (I know you were kidding. That little cub is tie to you by the hip) Anyways, you are so much better than all the gays I’ve ever met. That’s why I ready your post. Keep posting! I love your honesty and insight.

  4. Single guy’s comment caught me – Yes, I am glad that I have my kids, the “cement” of a family. But I doubt my family – the mother of my children, the chldren themselves would be as sanguine about the best of both worlds. The inevitable damage in our wakes tempers the pleasue of where we are.

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