I’m off into the skies over the Atlantic today, heading to Germany, into the Netherlands, then on to UK. I’ll be back the week of December 17th. I’ve packed a battalion of communications gear, but I may not be able to post much, have no fear, I’ll be accumulating stories to tell.

I’m not going to do any hook-ups. Been there, done that, ain’t me. I hope to see TC. If this goes bad, I’m gonna be in a seriously ugly mood. I am taking it one day at a time (no comments pls – I know I know, dial it down a notch, jez I can read), I can’t ask much from him at this point and won’t

Mainly, I need to think about my situation. Meeting the bloggers, Prof. Tim and others has been helpful. I’m feeling the love and I’m feeling better. I need to figure out what is the best thing to do for myself and my wife. Driving down two roads at once isn’t possible. Some alone time wouldn’t hurt and cold, wet Europe locked in a hotel room is just the place to think.

Wish me luck. Should I get the fish or chicken?

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