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Six months ago, I stopped blogging, the story at end, I left this standing as a guidepost for others. Readership fell away, but the lone visitor periodically happens by and devours the whole story. But whatever happened to me, you might ask. So I post for you an update.

Rumours to my death have been greatly exaggerated. I’m still in DC, still working on various new businesses, the economy slowing my progress, but I’m busy.  I refuse to work for anyone other than myself anymore. TC is still here, alternately purring/growling next to me each night, hissing and clawing if I so much as chat up the checkout guy at Costco (don’t wanna lose my own game). He got a job and has a growing network of friends. My family and I continue to have excellent relations. As always, they spent the summer in Europe. As a side activity, I’m helping an party planner market a much larger scheme to have regular gay events for professionals in DC. I ciphered there are 75k queers roaming the city, but little for them to do.

Otherwise, I rarely venture into the gay scene and when I do, I feel like a researcher with a clipboard taking observation notes but I’m comfortable with myself, not being that far over on the scale I’m still uncomfortable with many aspects. Periodically, I will see out in the city one of the characters I’d written about. Many of them are what I would deem ‘good people’. But we stare at each other from a distance, a nod and then turn away. Unsure of what to do next and maybe there is nothing to be done, it is just the way it is.

So I disappear back underneath the waves again, just because you can’t see me, doesn’t mean I’m not here. I’m right below, just look.


  1. good to see you’re still alive and kicking and that things are still going well with TC! 🙂

  2. I was just about to send you an email. I’m absolutely (great gay word) thrilled (yet another one) for you and TC. Never work for “the man” again……you have so much to offer.
    Thanks for the update.

  3. Good to hear things are fine between you and TC. Blogs are blocked at work so been relying on reader to read during the day.

  4. Good to see you post. Question. Who is TC?

  5. glad to see you are alive and kicking…i have also been gone for a while but now back and catching up..hope all goes well for you and tc…your story is awesome..stay well my friend
    hugs from cleveland

  6. Hey….thanks for the post! I understand why you wanted to stop blogging, but we appreciate a periodic update.

  7. I’m glad to see that you and TC are still together. Was hoping that was the case; glad to see the update. stay well and prosper.

  8. Good to hear all is well especially between you and TC.


    A x

  9. interesting blog with a unique perspective

    sayinga hello from singapore

    hope to see more updates from your site soon


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