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Last week, I'd wrote Eduardo, a nice guy I'd gone out with twice, that I was coming to DC and he had previously offered to go out for drinks/dinner. He normally has responded fairly quickly to my emails. TC BTW is fully aware of this. But this time I haven't gotten a reply.

Image350 Now I'm not going to ponder why I haven't gotten an answer specifically from Eduardo. He's likely just busy or overlooked it or just waiting for me to get into town. But it got me thinking, all of us have a hard time confronting tough decisions. In the case of Eduardo, perhaps meeting in person now that it's real is too close for comfort. But rather than deal head on with it, he does nothing, hoping I will take the hint. Clearly I will figure it out and OK whatever.

But I'm more worried about personal decisions. Decisions that we know we need to make, but we elect to do nothing and remain silent. Hoping for the best, praying the worse will ease by us.

I'm a "do something" kinda of person, doing nothing means I'm in fates hands. In the last 2 years, there are certainly cases where I should have allowed 'fate' to steer but I instead drove my boat up on the beach in some horrid situation. But my propeller kept turning and I powered out it eventually, none the worse for the ride and a bit wiser.

I guess I'm encouraging you to take charge of your life, if you're confronting some tough things, well get on with it, take your time, think it through, but make the call.a

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  1. Full speed ahead captain! I’m glad TC knows all about this (you meeting up with Eduardo, or not, as the case may be); that’s how it should be. About Eduardo . . . God damn Latin! What’s with him and not answering your email right away! Doesn’t he know that we live in a world of instant satisfaction! What’s with him anyways? Those Latins! (I should know, being one of them myself and all that. LOL). I’m glad to see you are moving on, or not, as the case may be. All that matters is that you try. Best of luck to you and TC, or not, as the case may be. All the best of luck to you and Eduardo then! (or not, as the case may be). LOL. Love your posts!

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