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Ah .. the power of brown

I'm back from Luxembourg, where ironically enough, money does appear to grow on trees. Never seen such a wealthy city in my life, the taxi's are 7series BMW. Tiger Cub was in tow, as we separately came into the 5-star hotel where we were staying (hey I stayed at Courtyard like last week so don't give me any grief). I had to go earn money, TC played tourist.

Image330 I periodically have flashbacks about people who got away. One of those people was Eduardo, a mid-late 20's super smart, part Hispanic I'd met in DC. Now I'm fully topped up on love, sex and companionship,, so I'm nice and happy, but the other week I thought suddenly about Eduardo. Not in a sexual way, though he does rotate my gyros. But more that he sparked me. But the timing wasn't right and he got away.

Now you know me, I can't leave anything alone that's nagging me. So I dropped him an email and just said "Hi – thinking about you!". Or something equally syrupy. But everyone likes to know they're being thought of and I was thinking about him.

As I'd hoped, he graciously replied with an update on himself, dating the same guy, looking at business school, work not so interesting and "thank you for your query" sort of stuff. But somewhere in his email he said "strange, I was actually thinking of you too" and closed with perhaps we can have dinner when I'm next in DC. I'm glad I dropped him a note and glad he replied, I think he's a good guy.

I'm not sure this goes anywhere, certainly not at the moment, but the world is indeed small and things do change. I see so many struggle to find a relationship, much less the next hurdle holding on to one. You realize how few people you might be compatible with. I'll stay close to those who do.


  1. I don’t know how you do it. Eduardo, smart sophisticated business school, career oriented, has a job and looking to improve himself, engaging, probably handsome (less important, in my book, than emotianal and intellectual maturity). He slips through your hands (you weren’t ready),and what do you do? You go ahead and find someone equally as interesting and accomplished. You are amazing. Finding compatability is, as you say, difficult, but you seem to have an incredible knack for it. All the best to you and the TC cub; he is a keeper if ever I met one.

  2. Chris,
    It’s about time you made some of your earlier “interests” into friends. You wouldn’t have been interested in them (for long that is) if they didn’t have something that sparked your interest.
    Go for it.

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