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Ah gee Mom, just this once, please

A lighter moment. During the trip to Madrid, I was furiously texting and sending photos to Prof. Tim in Chicago from each bar and venue I was at. Prof. Tim and I share a unique love for all things latin;  boys would come to my mind first, but just about any variety will do. I may tend towards younger and girlier than Prof. Tim, but we never fail to have very entertaining discussions that sadly only another connoisseur of brown would understand.

So many young cute boys here, I’ve been getting busted regularly by TC just about everywhere for “crusing” something. OK so I did chat up that waiter a bit longer than normal, but so what, I’M HUMAN!!

So today (Monday), we’re wandering along in Cheuca and I spot this Chicago hot dog stand (see photo). TC is asking why I took a photo. “Because when Prof. Tim and I come to Madrid, I want him to see this place”, is my reply. Obvious wrong answer. I get this long lecture on how NOT only am I not coming back to Madrid without  him (TC), but there’s no way in hell I’m visiting with another “elderly perverted sleazy brown oogler” (this would be Prof. Tim for those who can’t follow).

And to think I was having such a good time.


  1. Oh you elderly perverted sleazy brown oglers!!! 😉

  2. Tell TC that it will be impossible for you to catch all the cute young “brown” because your walkers don’t have wheels on them……LOL

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