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Administrative: Notice of password protection

FRIDAY APRIL 30TH UPDATE: Sometime tomorrow password protection will be invoked. As a temptation to all readers to register, I will tell you what happened in my new safe environment.

The drama in my life never seems to cease. People who know me love to use the blog as a weapon against me, themselves or against others. Some people are just really stupid.

My choices are (1) shut this blog down or (2) password protect it. ¬†As I think this story is powerful and despite my periodic calls for self-attention, others have found this useful, so I’m loath to simply walk away. Plus, as you know, I don’t hide from a good fight.

I am testing various methods of securing this content, but the ‘net is that no matter what you’re gonna have to have a password to read all the content here. That simple. The good news, with the content secured, I will re-publish 62 postings that I have had to pull from the shelf and as well detail the story behind the scenes.

Expect to see this happen during the forthcoming weekend. I wish I could blame these misguided souls for causing this. The real blame was in allowing over the last 3 years this blog to become known to people who actually know me.


  1. What a shame…I worry about my own blog too..that it could be used against me!

  2. Well, don’t make it too difficult to get to…

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