William (not his real name) is a core part of my journey. He’s the first guy I felt an actual connection to. I could identify with him. We talk every day. He’s my friend and I care about him.

Early in my blog I told how William and I met. Less than honorably. We picked each other up one night in a drunken stupor and checked into a hotel and just did it. It was out of character for both of us.

Subconsciously, even with the impediment of alcohol, I think we both saw something in each other, it wasn’t just physical, it wasn’t just friendship either, it just worked, I feel totally at ease with him and the German word would be "gemutlichkeit"

William has a boyfriend who by all accounts seems to be a good match. We don’t sleep together anymore (not for my lack of trying). I want him to be happy. I’ve burdened him with my many issues and he is a total salvation to me. He reads this blog so I say nice things.

I owe him a blue blazer for the one I "supposedly" lost, but then that’s another story.