The 23 yo Indonesian I’d meet the other has been busy texting me, wants to get together. Unfortunately, my older Indonesian who introduced me gave me the low down on this boy toy.

He’s a professional. Yup. Like seriously, here’s his gaydar commerical profile. He’s got a marketing mind, you get a first time discount and after 7 visits, you get one free. Wanna know more, just read his blog about what he’s up to. He’s much cuter in person, big smile, fun loving, gentle. It gets better. He’s working on his 2nd husband. Married a brit in February, says he loves him, but is more interested in getting a UK residency permit is what I think. My older Indonesian friend is telling me this guy left home at 16 and has been on his own since then. A modern day “rent boy”.

Obviously, he’s not texting me to go to the movies together. So much for that ego boost, I was a potential client. But, I’m saddened that someone from a poor start is having to use their body as trade for a better life.

Before I get too sad, my older friend is reminding me, this boy toy is working on his 2nd husband. He goes for older guys who truly love him and want to care for him, they know what he does, but marry him anyways and then to top things off (I found this amazing), he treats the guys badly. I’m struggling with all this as he’s like a little boy (he’s 23 but plays the little boy role quite well). But he made a conscience decision to “f*ck for food” and seems to be happy with it.

It’s hard not to be judgmental, a young guy, not realizing the consequences of his actions. But you might be judging me as well, and I’m not a young guy (youngish give me that!), I should know better. But sometimes the most obvious of things to you, aren’t so obvious to the person having to live in the shoes. Like a patient parent, we have to sit on the sidelines and simply watch as the story unfolds.