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The Bi Married Mafia guy has written his last blog post, he’s going back to being semi-straight, but before he went back to his muff diving, he blasted the entire gay community. He started with shallow and went down from there.

First, he didn’t relate to the typical homo, boa feathers, fag hag and lispy speech. He quickly tired when he realized the whole game hinged upon sex, sex and more sex. Bi Mafia found gay guys to have all sorts of emotional issues with the primary foundation being lies, secrecy and mistrust. This concoction of ingredients resulted in deeply ingrained patterns of just pure ugly shit. He factored in the generic emotional immaturity of most gay men. In detonating the final dynamite charges, Bi Mafia quashed how gay men in general date and breed new relationships built upon this shit house quality of ingredients.

Ah the gays, what can you say about them.

Sadly, I have written similar thoughts. But dear Bi Married Mafia guy, you can never go home again. You can’t bury your thoughts, desired and feelings. You just haven’t found the right person. Your soul mate.

Scrappy Doo (who is here now) asked me if I would date a woman again (more pointedly he asked if I would ‘do’ a woman). I told him YES, why not.  He seemed a bit rebuffed by that statement. Vagina, ugh. But attraction as we know, is a total package, encompassing many elements.

Yes, the homo world is full of what Bi Married Guy says, but what dragged him there in the first place. Are those feelings suddenly gone? Is he simply going into the gray zone (of which I’ve written)? What woman wants a guy who screws other guys (can you imagine that conversation)? There is a lot of unknown.

I wish him the best of luck, having been down this path. Perhaps if Scrappy wasn’t in my life, I would be singing a different song, perhaps there are days I wish I did have another path. But the stark reality of life stares me in the face, things are what they are. Wishing doesn’t help.


  1. Don’t know him and have not read his blog before but I’m sure it was not an easy decision and I would not want to be in his shoes -so to speak-.

  2. I read Mafia’s post and it made me sad since I am on the verge of coming out (or at least moving out). I’m very glad to have read your rebuttal. You made a lot of good points. This post along with your previous one really drive the point home that you can’t just go try something a few times and expect to master it. And you are right that his desire and issues will not stay quiescent for long. I give him a year or two at most and he’ll be back. My opinion,, like yours, is based on real experience.

  3. As 48-year-old gay virgin in the process of ending a 19 year marriage, I sometimes wonder just how gay I really am. Whatever! I know for sure that I could never backtrack on this journey and go back to my wife or find another woman. No matter how difficult the gay dating scene is, I will never go back to pretending that I’m not attracted to guys.

  4. Yes. You’d be lost without your puppy! LOL.

  5. I am glad you have Scrappy. But have to say that if you hinge being gay on being with someone, even someone in particular, you’re missing the point. We all hope to find that special someone, be connected, but it shouldn’t be the decision point on whether you continue on what should be a genuine road to the real and best you that can be.

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