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soap_operaI have stopped blogging but something ‘news worthy’ has happened and it’s yet another milestone for me. This morning I took TC to the BWI airport and deposited him with a 1-way airplane ticket back to Toronto. A kiss, a smile and a wave and he disappeared into crowd, his return uncertain.

TC and I have effectively lived together for the last 2 years. While he just turned 26, he’s learned how to manage me, been supportative of my efforts and understanding of my family obligations. In fact my wife and he have this little game of sending each other gifts (don’t ask). She being quite supportative of all this. His departure isn’t due to our relationship, it’s due to circumstances.

Being Canadian, he’s illegal in the US and the Imperial Border Guard is a constant hassle and finding gray employment, while doable, is a bit unsavory. Factor in his lack of respect for DC (everyone is quite important here you know) and this doesn’t look like a winning combo. He’d like me to return to Europe, but I can’t make that happen on a moments notice, it’s the economy stupid.

Despite all that, we’ve had a grand time together this year. An with only a handful of exceptions, I’ve avoided the whole gay scene, the shark pool party that never ends and that special person who seems never to be found.

TC has been bitching about life in DC and life in general and I simply called his bluff. Told him to go back to Canada, think about what he really wants in his life and to let me know what he wants. I can only be responsible for my own life.

Will he return and what will I do? Well the Guiding Light may have been cancelled, but my show sounds like it’s got a new season coming up.


  1. You may have new stories to tell and a new journey unfold. Hopefully this new journey will be the start of new blog posts.

  2. You’re back. Dont give up on your cub so easily. Partners are hard to find. If you were still making each other laugh and having sex…work on finding a way to be together. Can’t you move to Canada and get married? I need one gay couple to have a happy ending.

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