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Just a tad after noon, an aging United 747 will lift off from the Frankfurt Main Airport, the overhead compartments will swing around on their hinges, the wings groan as the flaps retract and in 8 short hours Dulles Airport will fall into view. I’m on my way back, get ready DC.

Tiger Cub is packed up, he’s a tad emotional, neither of us are sure how this is gonna play out in the next weeks. But he’s still playful, trying to convince me to try some illicit behaviour in the plane lavatory with the line “people do it all the time”. His friskiness is either gonna kill me or get me barred from an airline.

The other night, I found my lawyer friend, Roger, pretty trashed in one of the bars in Cologne. Roger is an intellectual properties attorney, started his own practice that now has 11 other attorneys, speaks perfect English and is the consummate professional, totally straight buttoned down look. His smaller friend was torched as well, trying to keep up 1 for 1 with big boy Roger who is twice his size.

Roger was all emotional because his ex-BF is over in the other corner talking to another attorney. They were together 11 years, but broke up nearly 2 years ago. I stare across the room and spy his ex-BF, a smallish twinkie looking guy clearly in deep conversation (what Germans do best) with some other dude. Roger keeps glancing over and drinking more.  Roger fumbles some excuse to wander across the room and bump into his ex a couple of times in the next hour. He’s clearly upset and is like a lion pacing in a cage.

All relationships are difficult, but gay ones have their own special attributes. I seen a number who go through a long period of mourning after a good relationship goes sour. It’s not easy. Reflecting on that, I’m trying to be a bit more balanced in my own expectations and forgiving to those I find worthy of my effort because there simply aren’t that many good ones out there.

If you are a good one, please write or call and include a face pic. 🙂


  1. All relationships carry risks……the ones that work work because the partners work on nurioshing them…..they aren’t automatic… all has to do with effort.

  2. Very good post. So what will happen of TC? I’m sure he will be fine in the long run, and so will you, but I cannot help but shed a tear for what could have been. In any event, I am most attracted to your closing remark (in search of eligible bachelors). I live in DC, Hispanic, intelligent, Ivy League, successful, employed, handsome, divorced father of two. I probably blow every single stereotype you ever had about Hispanics, gay, divorced, fathers. Many of your posts have been more than a little offensive in all these respects, but I appreciate the ignorance and innocence they came from. I believe at heart you are a good guy, but really you need to meet more people that don’t fit your preconceptions. You have my email. Up for a challenge? More than your intellectual equal, so if nothing else we would have a good banter.

  3. 🙂 Watch out, you have “older” guys trolling around for you.
    There are more than enough ivy league hispanics for your satisfaction.

  4. Querido Otro Hispano: Y de donde quietaste la idea que soy “older”? Y además, de donde quitaste la idea que soy un “troll” (de lo cual creo que piensas que soy monstruo, o bestia, o ambas cosa). No trates de adivinar lo que no conoces. No tienes la menor idea de quién soy y como luzco. Quítate tus celos para adentro, a no ser que quieras ver mis unas. Ciao chico.

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