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Gay married man coming out story

With preparations akin to an Apollo moon launch, TC is preparing to jettison from his employment on 8. February and join me in Europe on the 11th. He has no time for the detail, leaving them to me, personal assistant to Tiger Puff, to sort out. Like any mini-diva, he is none to shy about complaining about my ‘lack’ of planning, offering either too many details or not enough.

He finally blew up when I told him not to expect any pocket money from me along the way. Like all of TC’s travels, he working on a limited budget and trying to stretch it. He countered that if my wife and I were planning a vacation, I would pay for everything (including airfares – which he is in fact paying for).  I took point and told him unless he could squat and grind out two kids and was willing to truly be a partner and sign off on the ‘sickness & health’ clause, that for the moment he was still a boyfriend. Rather, an employed boyfriend, making his own money. To put some icing on his cake, I told him that if he thought he could get a better deal from some local boy toy, to have at it.

He hung up on me (he does that quite well) and I made the required number of call backs (no answer) before he finally picked up. He calmed down. I told him how pretty he was and stroked his feathers.

Long term readers know how immature TC is. You don’t have to tell me. Deep down he’s actually quite loyal, sweet and caring. He’s just a mini-diva and I’ve just had to accept that with the rest of his luggage.

TC is quite gay. Two days ago he called while he was getting a manicure with some nail strengthener with a gaggle of girls. He’s not hard to spot. For some odd reason, straight guys (or better those with a little homo in them) gravitate to him. He got a truly special deal at the Apple deal because some straight sales guy was flirting away with him. It all sounds so LOGO TV like.

But what’s missing is his history. The history of being shunned at high school. Kids made fun of him, incidents happened. He was only safe in the drama class. When he came out, many of his friends abandoned him, some eventually came back, others didn’t. His family struggled to deal with him or rather themselves. Several in his extended family now avoid him. Out as TC may be, IN is what many around him are.

To have to deal with this at 14-15 years old must do a number on you. toronto Chris is very insecure about everything. He clings to me, feeling secure, I’ll take care of everything, but periodically panics, what if this relationship isn’t real, what if I’m wasting my time. The gears start to turn.

I pretty much missed that segment of the show and while I often poke fun at various gay antics or shortcomings, I have to remind myself periodically (and perhaps more often) that many of these guys have had a rough road.


  1. oh the drama. This could be a BRAVO tv show.

    I think you should pay for everything. You are the suggar daddy..50 year old..chubby…grey hair. You pay…he loves you long time…

    I can’t wait to read all about’s gonna get warm!

  2. Oh, you give him ‘spending money’. That explains alot.

  3. Chris: Like Tim Gunn says, “make it work” — you’ll find a way to keep your TC happy and thus ensure your own satisfaction.

  4. A couple of questions……maybe you could answer in coming blogs?

    So TC is obviously gay……and I suspect you’re not really. Does it make you feel uncomfortable in public……did it, has it ever.

    I’d say the possibility of him squatting and producing a couple of “tigerettes” is questionable… would you be willing to consider adoption? (Just asking).

    And as Single Guy he has “hung around” for quite a long time now so cough up the petty cash……and let the games begin……

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