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It hit me that the troll incident with Single in the City underscores what I’ve said all along. No amount of texting, emailing, chatting or even a phone call can give you an accurate read on someone. Let’s look at the facts.

Single Guy was introduced to the troll by a mutual friend, someone he liked and trusted. A quick glimpse of the troll’s Facebook page, nice photos, nothing out of the ordinary. Chat and email followed.  A pleasant introduction they had, the troll worked Single Guy a bit, blew a little wind up his skirt and was just dirty enough to titillate my brown little Columbian Buñuelos. But once we got to the venue, he eyed the troll from a distance and told me “maybe not”. He went over to meet the troll and in less than 5 minutes came scampering back to his Daddy for protection.

Trolls aren’t terribly smart, single celled creatures who think only with their dick, he came sauntered over like a big man on campus, “please tell the bad man to go away” was all I heard. The troll didn’t give up and has continued to call and text. Light on, nobody home.

I strongly encourage you to meet people, 15 minute coffee, no drinkie, meet n’ greet. Single Guy is probably kicking himself that he wasted all this time chatting with what was in fact a troll. Meet people for god sakes, stop being such a girl!

Troll, I am not, stalker, I might be. I am quite interested in figuring out how guys meet other guys and helping to facilitate that. The young man from the other night, cute as he may be, as we were chatting about meet ups, told me about a new dating site OkCupid. I filed that away.

It’s a free web dating site and I must say, it’s pretty slick and it seems to be filled with genuine guys looking. Plenty of photos, the quintessential I have a fag hag, a dog and can buy an airplane ticket. Most have sincere profiles. I found my nearly brown friend from the other night in under 2 minutes. Hello! Come to Daddy. The chain pulls taut as I reach the end of the last link. Foiled again.

I suspect on many of these dating sites, it’s easy to start-up a long torturous email dialog.  The first “Hi” along with something of novelty gets you going. Then a forever back n’ forth on seemingly nothing. Followed by one party stepping up the tone, “we should meet for a coffee” which generally meets with some hedging. Given any opportunity, these homos will act like a bunch of frilly girls.

Go out and meet someone, get to the point and if they won’t, then they probably wouldn’t have anyways, move on I say.

TC UPDATE: I am dead asleep on this Christmas morning, the phone is ringing under my pillow. The snow Tiger is calling to wish me a Merry Christmas, he misses me and according to him, still needs to be doo’d (don’t we all). His family has been up for 2 hours preparing the house for family. The brownies doing it up big this year.


  1. Chris: Yes, despite SG being a big boy, please protect him from trolls, alcohol does wonders for troll-colored glasses. Hoping you have Merry Christmas with your family and the Snow Tiger.

  2. So let me get this straight. Someone who actually knows this guy (you you call the Troll) likes him at least enough to introduce him to someone else he likes. After talking to to him, (even if electronically) showed him to be a decent guy. Yet, when viewed from across a crowded room, he goes from decent prospect to troll just like that?

    If I have all these fact straight, I think I have learned that you are both pretty fucking shallow.

  3. I agree. I normally meet guys from the net quickly to avoid the waste of time. But this was a friend of a “good” friend so there was trust! Never be set up!

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