The odds of Tiger Cub making a 10 a.m. flight from Toronto are low. It's an hour he's never witnessed before and wasn't even sure it actually existed. But if lady luck prevails, TC will come trotting off the plane later this morning and our long weekend will have begun.

There is a lot of uncertainty hanging in the air, both on a macro and micro level, but short of death, I'm likely to still be here so I might as well keep going.

When I got married, I just assumed it was forever. Never crossed my mind that it would end, barring a death do us part sorta thing. Thus this whole experience has left me knowing that not everything is forever and while we all need to think ahead, don't be doing that and neglect the "right now" element of our lives. So right now, TC is coming to town and right now I'm gonna enjoy it.

Quote from Californication.