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Gay married man coming out story


He arrived scrawny from London, 120 lbs, ribs showing, a single piece of well worn luggage, one wheel with a mind of it’s own. He left today weighing in at 126 lbs, two heavy pieces of checked luggage. I am alone again and likely missing some clothing. TC is enroute to the great white north.

TC arrived like he’d just been round the corner shop to pick up a pasty. He flew in here, quickly put his touch on the place. yelled at me about various sundry items, used up an entire tube of toothpaste and enough body wash for a cub scout troop and growled as necessary. He is high maintenance, prickly and prone to breaking things. But well feed, a little alcohol and music from the 70’s and he curls up and starts purring again. A big outing was a walk to the local grocer. In under 2 minutes, we resume life as a semi-married couple.

I bitch n’ complain about the gay world (which seems to be a popular theme). Mainly, though, I don’t wanna know. La La La La.  I enjoy living my life inside my gated community. I want to be blissfully unaware of the happenings, deeds and wackiness that seems to be run rampant. I am a peace in bed with my head buried in TC’s back and a sheet over my hand. I just don’t wanna know.

A busy next couple of weeks as I fire myself up. I’m airborne again Tuesday. I have a serious family topic to write about, but shall save that for tomorrow. For now, it shall remain silent.


  1. I don’t get it. Sounds like he was in London (or was it Paris? Or was it London AND Paris?) for …. 6 or 7 weeks? And he only has one night to spend with you? What gives? Are you sure he’s into you? No offense, but….. actions speak louder than words?

  2. wondering —
    You don’t get it because you won’t take the trouble to get your facts straight before commenting. I will give you a hint: there are links to previous dated blog entries on each page, prefaced by a sign that looks like this: <<. If you click on them and read you will find out how far off you are.

    (jeez what a twit)

  3. Your baby has left you again…what will you do???

  4. Chris – yes, what is your plan to be reunited on a more permanent basis?

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