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A worker fell today from the 7th floor of an nearby Arlington hotel and was killed instantly. What a relief. It’s tough to find a 15 story building to jump from here.

The issue is that TC has gone into full bitch mode and while he still calls all the time, it usually ends with him yelling at me about something. Words such as “maybe we should take a break from one another” are now being exchanged. In the midst of all this other shit, the last thing I need is to lose him. But do I have him? His rightful question is what is our plan together.

He doesn’t want to be in Toronto, it’s his home town and the family demands are oppressive, coupled with the whole “don’t ask, don’t tell”.  He doesn’t want me to move up there, forgetting for a moment the legal status, that won’t work. He doesn’t want to live in DC, it’s just not ‘right’. He can’t live in the UK, burned up the one time holiday visa. He doesn’t speak a foreign language. He believes he can live on next to nothing. He’s an adventurer and a hopeless romantic.  It’s all total unrealistic and should I even slightly question the underlying logic, an explosive emotional tirade ensues. Don’t rain on his dreams.

We’re living the long distance love. This type of relationship simply doesn’t work long term and its the realistic fear that TC will no more that is the final straw to break my back and have me looking for tall buildings. Don’t bother commenting “you’ll find someone else” type of bla bla. Logically, I know that. But emotionally,  I’d much rather ditch him when I had someone else firmly in my claws, perhaps a little hanky panky under belt It’s a test drive afterall. Unfortunately, I’ve decided that cheating results in me being a less honourable person. I’ve done my fair share of cheating, didn’t feel good about it. So I’m not going to and thus the dilemma. Long distance love to nowhere.

Both TC and I are hoping for some sort of miracle. Divine intervention. Some one of my European contacts to phone up, “Hey Chris, we’ve got a great gig for you here in {insert name of sexy European city} can you be here next week?” That could happen. Your life can change in a moment. I also could be struck by lightning.

For TC if something doesn’t work out, he can hit the reverse thrusters, call mommy and daddy and he’s an airplane ticket from anywhere in the world back to mom mending his jeans, hot food on the table and his familiar bed.  Clearly he hates to think he’s still a “mommy’s boy”, but he is. He has no financial obligations to speak of and you know what, good for him. Unfortunately, I do.


  1. Chris, in all sincerity, TC is a loser. Is he worth your life? Not in a million fucking asshole years. I wish you could realize how insignificant he is, what a twit, twink, twank, yapptiy yap yap diva with no jog, he is. You and your family desserve much better than this ninny who has never presented more than an iota of intelligence. And you would jump off a building for this moron? Advice: Skip jumping, and keep lookign. There is so much better out there. For one, have you conisdered investing time on YOURSELF, your family, and your friends, and stop worrying about the jobless, aimless leach?

  2. Chris, I understand how hard it is give up when you are in love. The romantic in me hopes that you find a way to be with your Tiger. It stresses both of you to not be able to see some end goal, but isn’t part of the fun the journey rather than simply getting to the destination? Even after you get there, many new challenges and experiences await you. It’s a constant ebb and flow of journeys that keeps things interesting. Now that TC is working at least the financial burdens are somewhat lessened on you.

  3. hey Chris. Relationships are difficult. You and TC are at very two different places. I guess that is the problem with dating men half your age. He wants to explore and be free…you need to settle down and be an adult. But there is no need to fill like you have to hold on to him. You have tried to work something out but something has to give…it does not have to be you.

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