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Yesterday was moving day, 1 floor up, 1 bedroom full of stuff, a piece of cake. Helping out was my army, TC and my two sons showed up to lend a hand.

My boys hadn’t seen TC since London and frankly don’t ask a whole lot about him. They know he’s there though. So up into the apartment they lumbered and together we made the move. Everyone was civil, TC bantered with them, they bantered with him. There were no awkward moments.  Midway we stopped for a lunch break. Life as normal.

The day done, move complete, a quick shower and off to dinner with all went together. I tried to keep quiet, let TC and the boys hold the conversation. A great evening, we stopped to wander about the DC Mall, it’s cherry blossom season and a warm spring night, me and 8 million other people out wandering around. I hung back, TC and the boys walking ahead. The day and now evening over. Good for all.

Kids are pretty smart, they see everything, but they also want the adults to be consistent. I’m glad TC is still here, it says I’m trying to be consistent. I’m trying.


  1. Sounds like things went well with the boys and TC. That’s nice.

    I love DC when the cherry trees are blooming. I haven’t been in about 3 or 4 years.

  2. It’s the gay brady bunch…how cute:) daddy and his 3 kiddies.

  3. TC is practically a second father to your children, and he’s a wonderful role model. If your kids turn up having even a small fraction of TC’s enormous intellectual curiosity and ambitions, you will be a very proud man indeed.

  4. I know you’re joking around here….but does TC think of himself as your son? Does he joke around like that?

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