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23 – looking

TC returned late Saturday night and along with it the great warmth that we have for each other reappeared. But something is different, there is a comfort and relaxation between us that I hadn’t seen before. I’ve slept like a rock for 2 nights now. TC blew into the house and in a matter of hours transformed it into his home, he moves things around, organizes, ripped down a cherry blossom tree which is now our center piece.

TC was keen to know what trouble I’d gotten into. As we all know – I’m but one stripe shy of making angel.  Thus TC was fair game to ask him the same question. Particularly about Tyler.  Tall dancer homo, I found photos of him on the beach, pasty white, big package. Yuck. Well, TC admitted that Tyler was indeed sweet on him, pulling out a number of romantic elements and yes, they had sorta hooked up one drunken night. He professed nothing serious had happened and gave the explicit details.

To what extent this has happened, I was unfazed, not mad, nor jealous. I had the brown puppy with me and that was all that I cared about. It’s never what you know that you worry about, it’s what you don’t know.

Well – peeping over his shoulder I noticed an email subject line that would appear to be a response to an online MFM posting. Ooops .. busted. TC immediately went into his standard denial (“OH not me”) mode followed quickly by the reflect the anger mode (” but what have you been doing”). Unfortunately, that game doesn’t work so well with me anymore. He growled that we were “officially broke up” at these point.

I few minutes of searching on my computer and up pops this brown torso photo of who else (I know every inch of him now). Fairly innocent, sweet boy posting, “looking to go out for a drink”. Yeah right.

But the best part, TC has posted his age as 23. 23? Please don’t tell me you had to knock 3 years off yourself, I asked. His fur rises, “What do you mean?”, he responded. “I clearly look younger than I am”.  Ah the vanity of men.


  1. He’s so cute. I’m so glad you guys are back together.

  2. Things are the way the used to be…yeah for love. I agree with wondering. He’s so cute. I’m glad you guys are back together. You belong together.

  3. I think it’s time you take care of yourself

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