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Late last night I arrived London and in record time I was back in my little flat. TC is sick, nonetheless he’s prepared dinner, nicely dressed and has styled his hair. He’s looking really quite cute. Good doggie!

I went to uncover my hidden large stash of dope to reward him with a Scooby snack. Unfortunately, he’d already found it. Worse, his bloodhound nose had uncovered it a mere 3 days after I’d left. He was all proud of himself. “See I called you every day even though I didn’t need any treats from you, aren’t you proud of me”, he joyfully cried. Yes, I am.

It was quite warm to reconnect, we’re just good together. Decided if the weather holds we’ll make a run down to this weekend and spend 1 night by the sea in Brighton, fairy capital of Britain.

This past weekend, I was milling around outside my house. Car, garage, repairs – that sort of stuff. My neighbor’s coming & going, none stopped to say hello. They actually seemed a bit distant, like I had the plague or something. I assume they know something is amiss in my martial situation. My wife confided the whole story to a “trusted” neighbor.

But good gossip is hard to keep to yourself. No doubt the entire neighborhood knows the story. Doesn’t bother me. I’m alone. I’m comfortable alone. Got used to it long ago.

I’m off to Amsterdam for a quickie trip. No rest for a nomad.


  1. Yuck! You are “good together” with a pot smoking boy-toy bartender. You buy dope to bribe him. You leave your wife and kids to fend for themselves…your pleasure at the expense of thier pain. Everybody makes it cordial and nice for you, ’cause it’s ALL about YOU. You condemn others as sluts even though you have behaved (by your own words) pretty friggin’ slutty yourself. Puke my guts out! How can you look at yourself in the mirror and think you are doing any of this “right?”

  2. My my Chris you seem to bring out the “best” in everybody. Sherah, go read a good Christian blog, after all the “evangilicals” never never leave their wifes (yeah right……).

  3. Mark, I appreciate a good debate, but if your argument is going to be to deflect…for example,”evangelicals commit murder so it’s OK if gays commit murder, too,” well, your argument just doesn’t have legs. Wrong is wrong no matter who does it. Gay, straight, Christian, Jew, athiest…hurting people is the same no matter who does it.

  4. Last comment about this Sherah. Chris has made the change so he won’t continue to hurt his wife. I think she understands this better than you……unless you have also been in this circumstance.

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