TC is a mere 26 years old and he’s a vampire. He barely starts to move until 10 p.m. Like any 26 yo, he likes to go out and be amongst his age group, he likes the gayborhood, knows how it works and has learned how to game the perennial DC stuck-up “I do something important for the government” attitude (which I consider an oxymoron). Since Daddy (meaning me) ain’t funding him, he has figured out how to play the “I’m Canadian, eh” part, flutter his long black eyelashes, give someone an exotic look for good measure and boys fall like trees in a forest for him. The result, everyone starts buying him drinks, hoping to ply their way into his submission.

But I know my boy, he’s tighter than a nun’s cunt on Easter Sunday and despite all the wooing, TC trots home when he’s good and ready. Leaving the boys standing at the bar wondering where their game went wrong.

At 1.45 a.m. this morning, I awaken, TC is not in bed, where is my rat? I hear the microwave running in the kitchen. What in god’s name is he doing? I get up. Something is odd. The refrigerator and freezer doors are standing wide open, the only illumination in the kitchen. I glance to the living area, no TC. I turn back to the kitchen and there I see two feet poking out from the island. OMG. I rush over, expecting to see TC passed out on the floor. … Nope, there is TC, laying on the floor half naked, reading my Blackberry.

WTF. I snatch it from his hands. Give him swift kick. He automatically goes into his denial mode almost immediately followed by getting mad at me. I storm back to bed, he sleeps in the guest room. Ah but my pupil learns and he crawled back into bed with me this morning trying to be all lovey (which works for me).

TC is intensely curious about keeping tabs on me and immensely jealous as well. Why I have no idea. I am an old hack who barely leaves the confines of my office or home.  I could imagine if I were TC’s age and equally out and about, the sparks would fly between us to the point of destruction. Lucky for me there was nothing incriminating on my Blackberry as my application for angel is still being processed.