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15 minutes, it can all change

I’m hunkered down for the night already (it’s only 7 p.m.). Steak, salad, glass of red wine. Exhausted from drinks with a biz colleague last night, will read I think for a bit. Snow falling outside. My bed is looking sweet.

TC is calling from London, it’s just past midnight and he can call for FREE now. It’s short. He’s semi-drunk yelling at me about some boy he’s looking at that would be “perfect for me” and that he can’t trust me and just, well, that’s it. He hangs up. OK, I’m just hoping I didn’t over cook my NY Strip.

A few minutes later, I’m about to sit down to eat,  my wife is calling. All pissed off. A major snowstorm, her and the kids left to dig out the driveway and outside equipment. She’s worried the roof will cave in. She bitches on that she hopes I’m happy in my bachelor pad, no responsibilities and wants to change roles. She hangs up as well. OK, now I’m worried my food is cold.

There are simply days you can’t win for losing. I’m married twice or so it would seem. Two emotional women as it turns out. I’m going to bed. Sweet dreams.


  1. He’s so cute, checking up on you and all that. At heart, he trusts you and you trust him, and that’s just wonderful. It’s lovely to see a couple of gay guys that have it all together, like you and TC. Why can’t the rest of us stupid gay guys get it right? How do you do it?

  2. In all due respect to Chris and TC, if TC gets on that ship what is so different here than many other gay partnerships/relationships? (And before anyone gets excited, yes I know that many hetero relationships/marriages suffer from the same lack of commitment.) I agree that they love each other and there appears to be trust (TCs may be a little tempered), but TC certainly does not have it “all together” and we get back to the issue of failure of commitment. Nobody is rooting for Chris and TC more than I am for a happy ending (well maybe Chris is) but the jury is still out. Hang in there Chris…still hoping things work out for the two of you!

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