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TC has been a house cat since returning off the boat. If you’ve missed any episode of “Housewives of New York City” just give him a ring, he can update you. He doesn’t want to find a job, being illegal is a semi-valid excuse. So he plays housewife or houseboy or house something. I’m happy.

He’s decided though to return to Toronto in early June. A friend’s roommate is leaving for the summer and wants to rent her room for 2 months. TC doesn’t wish to live with his parents though they will argue that he should stay home and save money (all quite logical). But TC is worried without his own ‘place’, I can’t visit and with an Internet connection, I can work almost anywhere.

Still he won’t be here. The whole logistics are a bit unclear, but what is clear is that June 1st, he’s not going to be here.  The irony is that neither of us want him to go. He’s happy. I’m happy. I assume you’re happy about it as well. But camped out here in DC, no job, spending his limited funds, isn’t any path to success.

We both need something to settle down in our lives. Mainly, it’s about me either getting the current business dollars flowing or landing a job. I need a miracle and I need it now, please.

He asked if we would ‘break up’ when he left. The answer from both of us is NO. But what is the next chapter, the next song, the next verse. Like a dime story mystery novel, this story seems to have more twists and curves, just when you think you’re figuring it out.


  1. Not really that many twists and turns (if you want someone to be honest with you). Kind of like the same old same old patterns here. Do you not see the pattern? Just wondering.

  2. To wondering: For fuck sake, do you always have to pour cold water on the author’s face? Give some constructive feedback rather than posting those cynical comments of yours.

  3. The drama continues. I missed it. I thought that you were not writing now!

  4. How hard would it be to make TC legal? I mean really, he’s coming from Canada, not Iran. Do the paperwork, set him up with a hair dressing salon and they you can both me happy, productive, and most importantly, together.

  5. I agree with the making TC legal bit……setting him up in a salon, not so much…..TC hasn’t demonstrated the slightest hint that he’s ready to settle.

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