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10,000 hours

Malcom Gladwell is the author of consumable business books such as the Tipping Point and his recent book Outliers. He’s quite similar to myself, a master of the obvious, but he’s obviously made a lot more money. His books are typically filled with drawing lines through random dots until a picture emerges. It’s classic bathroom library reading.

One of his observations is that professionals in almost any topic have not typically achieved the earliest level of their success until they’ve devoted a minimum of 10,000 hours to their profession. ┬áHe has many examples of names you would know (The Beatles) and the paths they’ve followed. It’s all about sticking to the basic and doing it repeatedly until you’re just really good at it.

I remember watching a named professional golfer practice at a golf range. Buckets of balls, one club, he sat and entire session hitting the ball the same distance to the same target for well over an hour. He didn’t whip out every club in his bag, he wasn’t constantly changing his grip, nor was he changing his mission. Simply hit the ball as close to the target as possible.

If you’re out looking for a date, partner, or love interest, I’d caution that the same rules apply. If you really want to get good at this, you gotta focus your game. There are no short cuts. Most important you have to practice and keep practicing.

Are you good at reaching out to people? Can you make a good impression? Are you listening to yourself about how you really feel? Are you paying attention to your target? Are you playing consistently? Are you practicing enough? Are you following the rules you’ve set down for yourself?

It likely doesn’t take much thinking on your part to see how this 10,000 hour rule might apply to your desires for a good relationship. You just gotta keep at it. Think about it.

Scappy Doo Update
Scrappy Doo arrives tomorrow and now doubt his first complaint will be about the apartment (it’s a mess, you think I clean anything). I’m sure the barking will start almost immediately. But he’ll be happy. I’m booked to head to Sydney and just reading the flight schedule made me nauseous, nearing 23 hours of travel time.

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  1. Having traveled to Australia from both England and the U.S. (many many times) I can tell you it’s a mind numbing longggggggggggggggg way. Take a couple of readable books (or your trusty Kindle). Eat and drink (yeah I know I know) little except water of course. When you get there set your clock to whatever hour it is and kick on with your day.

    It’s the best country I’ve ever visited and worked in. Have fun.

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