The great thing about the Internet is discovery and nothing is more fun than finding something and then finding a link to something else of interest and off you ride. Likely you may have found my blog from a link on another blog site.

I often get request to “link back” from various bloggers. Meaning, they want to put a link on their blog to my website and request I put a link back to their sight. Sort of the, I’ll wash your hands if you wash me. Linkbacks are a great way to build readership.

However, the downside is to arrive at a blog and find they have 9000 links in the sidebar, it’s almost impossible to figure out what you’re interested in. This is called “link blindness” meaning there are so many links shown, you basically can’t see any of them.¬†Worse, half the links you click are dead. Or the site is quite old and apparently abandoned.

So if you’re interesting in linking to me or having me link to you, here are my rules (we must have rules you know):

1. I do not need to give you permission to link to me. Just do it. Please send your visitors to and not to some sub page least I change things.

2. If you want me to link to you, just email me at mytripout (@) easy as that, I’m sure to answer at some point.

3. I won’t link to your page if it contains pornographic material. Not that I have problem with that, the Internet is ¬†indeed for porn, it’s just not the theme of my blog. Rock on I say, you’ll just have to do it without me.

4. I won’t link to you if your material is not relevant to my blog. So coming out experiences are great and particularly if you’re married sort of stuff. You know what I mean.

5. I will remove your link if you get old. If you’re not blogging at least once a week, I’ll likely remove you, likely you also won’t care at that point.

6. I will also remove your link if you don’t send me readers.

7. I will also remove your link if I find readers not visiting you from my site as well.

Finally, if you’re running a link of links page, I’m simply not interested in playing along.