Gay married man coming out story

Hi, welcome to my blog,  the coming out story of a gay married man.  Are you married and living life on the down low? Are you a married and closeted gay man wondering what to do next? Or are you playing the married bisexual game?

Coming out while married isn’t easy, even on a good day, it’s a struggle for all married men. The good news, in time, you will find you’re not alone – there are many gay married men in your situation. In my own story, I hit the Internet looking for someone like me. A normal married guy who suddenly realizes he likes guys. I mean I couldn’t be the only one right? I wanted help, I wanted information but mainly I wanted to know I wasn’t the only one out there. Well you aren’t. My story, your story, isn’t all that uncommon and thru the years I’ve found a whole network of people. People who are willing to share their story, willing to help and most importantly willing to listen.

Beyond this front door lies 700+ postings for you to read, detailing every turn of the screw. To protect the innocent or for particularly sticky issues, you must be  registered and logged on to view certain postings.

Whatever your situation, wherever you are on your own journey out, welcome.
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You tell an eloquent story.



Hi, I'm Richard, I'm 52 five two(yikes!), married 16 years, 2 teenage kids, house in the DC burbs, successful career. I had a first guy relationship 5+ years ago. Told my wife. Disaster unfolded. I've been living away from home for nearing 5 years now with TC, my boyfriend. This is my story, welcome to my nightmare.

The Cliff Notes version of me can be found in this summary for those who live their lives in 30 minute increments (no registration required).

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